Richard Hescox'artwork for Master Lu
Richard Hescox and The Riddle of Master Lu's waterfall

Richard Hescox and The Riddle of Master Lu's waterfall

Richard Hescox is an internationally known USA painter of images of science fiction, fantasy and imaginative realism. His original work can be found at his website "The Art of Richard Hescox", which shows info about the artist, his portfolio and work that is available for sale.

Hescox also worked on films such as E.T. and The Dark Crystal, and on games such as Gabriel Knight 3, Quest for Glory V, and Rama.

He granted GN an interview about his work on Sanctuary Woods' The Riddle of Master Lu years ago, and was so kind to include some concept sketches.

As GN had recently updated some pages on Master Lu on FaceBook, GN wrote to him to inquire if a particular painting of a location in Master Lu still existed, and if it was for sale: the scene with the waterfall.

He mailed that he had to go out to his studio and hunt through his files, but fortunately he did find the painting, and was even willing to sell it (GN: at a very fair price). He added:

"The painting is 11.5 by 8.5 inches and is acrylic on illustration board. It shows the background mountains and waterfall (which was digitally animated). The foreground cliffs and bridge were on a separate plane in front of it."

As his parcel crossed the ocean without problems, its contents can be shown here. The screenshots show the original painting and the corresponding scene from the game.

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