The Making of Lure of the Temptress
The Making of Lure of the Temptress
- Locked up in a Turnvale Dungeon -

Diermot as Selena

With this cast and technique, the script included over 2000 blocks of text.9 Besides conversations initiated by Diermot, he can eavesdrop and learn more about the town, its history and - gossiping - inhabitants. The humor aspect of the game alternates between toilet humor (including sexual innuendos) and witty lines.10

The game world is composed of about 40 locations (passageways not included), split up into four sets: Dungeon, Town, Caves, and Castle. As the game starts in a dungeon, one of the first tasks is to escape.

To proceed to the other sets the player has to remove "blocks", including using a "potion-based" disguise and hiding in a beer barrel (like the box trick in Simon the Sorcerer's first adventure).11

Dining hall and warning message

The town includes two bars, as there's a lot of drinking in the game, especially by the Skorls, most of which are drunk all day, and even their drunken bodies lay piled-up in the dining hall of the Castle.

The streets and buildings get their own names, like "Apothecary Lane" or "The Severed Arms" ("No singing, no dancing and no chickens," and watered down beer).12

Peeking through windows

In some spots the avatar can peek through windows, to watch for example how Ratpouch is tortured (Diermot can enjoy himself by torturing Ratpouch a bit when he is stretched on a torturing rack, the only drawback is that Ratpouch dies very fast), overhear a plot against Selena, the antagonist in the game, or how the shopkeeper Ewan pulls faces and makes obscene gestures. Besides humans and unhumans (the Skoris), some spots in Turnvale exhibit a bit of local fauna, such as wasps, rats, and even a lonely goat (that will make its re entrance in Broken Sword 1).13

There was a restriction as far as the graphics are concemed. As the game was also released for the Atari, the designers had only 16 colors to work with, and they had no choice to treat the palette very carefully.14 The high quality intro, by the way, mimicked Revolution's logo by showing cavalry on a hill. Besides small animations as opening doors or flying birds, Temptress includes a few larger animations (the intro and end sequence, and Diermot's "transportation to the castle).

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