The Legend of Kyrandia series
The Legend of Kyrandia series

* Part 1: The Kyrandia triology: storylines

* Part 2: Background of Kyrandia I

* Part 3: Three designers

* Part 4: The Legend of Kyrandia sound files

* Part 5: Westwood Studios


(l/r) Steve Wetherill, Brett W. Sperry, Louis Castle (Wetherill, VP of R&D, joined in 1994).
Louis Castle and Brett Sperry started Westwood Associates in Las Vegas, Nevada in 1985, when Castle was still a student. They hired Las Vegas artist Rick Parks, who was already well-known for his mural and landscape paintings. Like Castle, Parks had a knack for translating his art into computer games.19

The company was renamed Westwood Studios in 1992 when the company merged with Virgin Games (later known as Virgin Interactive Entertainment). According to an old interview with Castle, the "Westwood" part of the name was inspired by the "entertainment meets professional" character of Westwood, California.
The company became best known for the Command & Conquer series, one of the first and most popular real-time strategy games at the time. In 1998, EA acquired the company as well as Virgin Interactive's development studio in Irvine, California for $122.5 million dollars, as reported by CNN Money. However, the studio was shut down in March 2003 because Command & Conquer: Renegade failed to meet expectations, according to GameSpy.
Ex-employees of Westwood Studios would go on to create Petroglyph Games (known for Star Wars: Empire at War). 20

The company, originally started as a two-man operation in a garage, created more than 100 games, including some very well-known franchises (Command & Conquer, Lands of Lore, and Eye of the Beholder).21

Westwood Studios Bravo feature 1996

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