The Legend of Kyrandia series
The Legend of Kyrandia series

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                        Scenes from Kyrandia 1
The Legend of Kyrandia series, created by Westwood Studios, includes three games: Fables & Fiends: The Legend of Kyrandia, The Legend of Kyrandia: Hand of Fate and The Legend of Kyrandia. Book 3: Malcolm's Revenge.

Kyrandia 1

Intro: Kallak writing a letter to Brynn - rack focussing effect
In the kingdom of Kyrandia, mysterious land of legend and lore, Brandon, the main character, will be set out on a series of quests in search of Malcolm, the happy court jester who turned into an evil villain.

Many years before the story starts, king William the First created a covenant with the Natural Kingdom, and the residents of Kyrandia and the Natural world were made partners in a plan of mutual care and protection. As a result an enormous gem, later known as the Kyragem, was given to the people of Kyrandia, a gem with great magical power. It was the responsibility of the Royal family to ensure the safety of the Kyragem.

But the gem has fallen into the wrong hands. Malcolm, once a friend of the royal family and jester to the court, has murdered the king and queen and has seized the Kyragem.

With its power in his possession, Malcolm declared himself ruler of the land. Fortunately, Kallak, chief of the Mystics and father of the slain queen, was able to create a magical seal that prevented Malcolm from leaving the Royal Castle.

Upon his escape eighteen years later, Malcolm sets out to avenge himself. Because of his background, Brandon is the only one who would be able to save Kyrandia.

To defeat the villain he has to acquire enough magical powers. In order to get those he needs a special amulet and he has to locate some special gems that fit into the amulet, gems that are hidden allover Kyrandia. With the help of some friends, Brandon is able to get the amulet and gems, and after a long voyage he succeeds in defeating Malcolm by turning him into stone. When Malcolm is not longer able to use the Kyragem and his powers, Kyrandia is restored and it is as beautiful and peaceful as it was once.

Kyrandia 2

Kyrandia, the beautiful land of giant frogs, talking trees and really strange berries, is disappearing piece by piece. All the evidence points toward one perilous conclusion: a curse.

The kingdom's powerful magic users, known as Mystics, search for answers to explain why this is happening, aided by a newcomer named Marko and his assistant The Hand - a giant, living gloved left hand.

Zanthia, the youngest one of the Kyrandia Mystics, must voyage to the center of the world to find a magic anchor stone that will break the spell. But The Hand has mislead all of them and it appears that the real cause of all troubles lies in the "Wheel of Fate". She manages to locate the Wheel, and defeats the Hand with the help of Marko.

Kyrandia 3

The wicked court jester Malcolm had been accused of murdering the roal family and he was turned into stone, which restored peace and harmony to the land.

All the while, Malcolm has spent many an hour in his statuesque form, plotting and planning a way to get even with Brandon and those of Kyrandia who betrayed him. His revenge opens as lightning strikes and he breaks free from his stony prison. Now it's his turn for revenge.

Malcolm will go to the Ends of the World, into the Underworld, and finally back to wreck havoc on Kyrandia. But pirates, who have helped him, appear to be in control of the ruined Kyrandia, and he decides to save the kingdom.

He will succeed, and moreover, he will find a way to prove he was innocent of the murders of the king and queen.

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