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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
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the real Azores, Tikal and Crete -

The original version included a frontal shot of the Minotaur statue in the Labyrinth, without stairs and a waterfall next to it. In the final version the stairs and the pressure plate are added (below the stairs), a puzzle to enter the room below with the dead body of Dr. Sternhart.

The resource file includes an object that blocks the stairs in Caswell Hall. The desk in the right bottom corner is only shown during the intro (and replaced by the inventory when the player visits Caswell Hall later on in the game).

During the final confrontation in the City of Atlantis lava pours out of the statue in the center. The resource file shows that this effect was also designed for the statue to the left.

The hintbook shows some inventory items that were changed in the final version of the game, such as an alternate Lost Dialogue of Plato, an unknown necklace, the National Archeology magazine, the jar of mayonnaise or the wax cat.

The Lost Dialogue, National Archeology, Jar and Cat in the final game.

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