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Deleted & changed graphics

Some backgrounds were deleted or changed in the final game, as one of the resource files (Atlantis.001) shows.

The map shows the city of Cadiz in Spain that wasn't included in the final version of the game.

The city of Cadiz is mentioned in the discussions about the locations of Atlantis. According to Pliny the Elder, Atlantis was 12,000 km distant from Cadiz. Spartel Island, in the Gulf of Cadiz, was proposed as a candidate for the origin of the Atlantis legend in 2001 by French geologist Jacques Collina-Girard, and in 2005 the BBC reported about the finding that this island was hit by a large earthquake and tsunami 12,000 years ago, which is roughly the age indicated by Plato for the destruction of Atlantis.

The resource file shows a room next to Sophia's office with two pictures of Atlantis on the wall that wasn't included in the final version. The two pictures are shown in the background during the lecture that Sophia gives in the Theatre in New York.

When the Wits path is chosen, Indy will visit a dig site in Thera. The original version of the dig site in Thera comprised only one background instead of two.

Original version with entrance blocked

Original version after Indy has used his entrenching tool

The final versions
The final versions

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