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Designing FoA's backgrounds

Pencil rough by Bill Eaken
Inner Atlantis

Most of The Fate of Atlantis art was done with a mouse on a program called DPaint (Deluxe Paint, a very old paint program from EA). The artists also had a version of DPaint that LucasArts made called GPaint (Glen Paint, after the programmer). GPaint supported larger images and better animation. Most of the artists had been drawing with mice in DPaint since before Indy 3. They did all their concept work right in DPaint, so there was hardly never any paper concepts. It was just easier to visualize the concepts in DPaint, the art was so simple one could rough out numerous ideas quickly in the actual resolution they would appear in the game There was almost no paper concept work. On the next round of projects after Fate of Atlantis they started doing more paper concept work and using tablets to draw with or scanning art in.

Rough airlock

Rough outer ring Atlantis
Dungeon outer ring Atlantis

The pictures above were roughed out in DPaint or GPaint. That's the way they typically looked. Rough shapes, then it was given to the game scripters and they'd get the character movement boxes set up. So you could see the character walk around in that basic shape room. If it worked good, then the designer would give his approval to finish the art for that room. Sometimes a problem might arise and they had to redesign the shape of the room. At certain points in development there would be a version of the game one could completely play through, but many of the rooms were just rough shapes like these.

Rough Inner Atlantis
Inner Atlantis

Rough Inner Atlantis 2
Inner Atlantis 2

Rough Inner Atlantis 2
Rough Inner Atlantis 2

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