Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers

Part 1: Synopsis
Part 2: The Making of Gabriel Knight
Part 3: Concept art
Part 4: Members of the Design Team
Part 5: Releases

Members of the design team

(l/r kneeling) Jerry Shaw, Tomko-Pavia, Matt Genesi, Chis Willis, and John Shroades
(l/r standing) Tom DeSalvo, Sean Mooney, Bob Andrews, Jane Jensen, Robert Holmes, Judy Crites, Darlou Gams, Deanna Yhalkee, and Michael Hutchison

Jane Jensen

Jane Jensen

Jane Jensen earned her bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Anderson University, Indiana. Her career began as a systems programmer at Hewlett Packard where she worked with mainframe computing.1

After discovering her first computer games (King's Quest IV, Manhunter: San Francisco) she wrote to Sierra to get a job, offering to do about anything and added a sample of a short story. They replied a year later, as they started a group of writers who would write documentation and manuals for the games, as well as text and dialogs for the designers. She was hired as a writer for the Police Quest 3 manual.2

Jensen's first major assigned role at Sierra was as part of the design team on the edutainment title EcoQuest: The Search for Cetus (1991). In the years that followed she became co-designer, writer and director of King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow and Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

The great feedback she received when Sins of the Fathers was published inspired her to write her first Gabriel Knight novel. She had always wanted to be a novelist and thought "let start with a story I know that works". After the first one she wrote another, but this time she throw the idea of the game away and started from scratch.

John Shroades

John Shroades (still from the making of SOTF)
  John Shroades
  (profile at LinkedIn)
John Shroades studied commercial/graphic design (major) and art history (minor) at the California State University of Fresno (1982-1988). He also visited the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he won an Art Center Scholarship and graduated with distinction in 1991.

At Sierra On-line he worked on marketing and promotional art, but he is especially known for his work on many of Sierra's well-known games. At Sierra he was lead artist (1991-1997) and lead character artist (2006-2008).3

As Director of background art using DePaint and traditional paint, he worked on Space Quest VI, Gabriel Knight, King's Quest VI and the Ecoquest games. His contributions to the games were extensive, e.g. he created most of the concept work for Gabriel Knight and the about 80 background sketches of King's Quest VI.

Ken Williams

In particular he created a litograph after a scene in King's Quest VI, the Lord of the Dead Litograph. 450 versions were made signed by Roberta Williams and himself (the original price was $300).

He also contributed artwork and UI elements for Gabriel Knight 2 using Photoshop and Painter, and was Art Director for King's Quest VIII, for which he also used 3D Studio Mac besides Photoshop and Painter.4

Darlou Gams

Darlou Gams
Darlou Gams attended the same college as John Shroades, the Art Center College of Design in Passadena. She received a BFA Summa Cum Laude. She worked as freelance artist and illustrator before becoming a full time fine artist. In the nineties she worked on a dozen of Sierra games, including Gabriel Knight and its sequels.

  Michael Hutchinson
  (Still from the making of SOTF)
Michael Hutchinson

Michael Hutchinson got his education at the Rhode Island School of Design (1986-1990, BFA in Illustration). His second aplication at Sierra resulted in an entry-level position. His first tasks were B&W Macintosh conversions of King's Quest V and Space Quest IV, and some animation work for Larry 5. He established his name, and became Gabriel Knight's animation director, and is also credited for (additional) graphics and artwork. He stayed at Sierra for about eight years, and worked besides on SOTF on several other of Sierra's games, including Ecoquest, King's Quest VI, Space Quest VI and Police Quest: Swat 2.5

Robert Holmes

Robert Holmes
Robert Holmes, Jensen's husband, was producer of the game and composed the score, which includes about 45 themes.

He played in bands and worked in post production in Hollywood before he became on of Sierra's in-house composers. He was hired by another Sierra composer, Mark Seibert, and didn't know what to expect, as he had never seen games like Sierra's games before he got there.
He and Jensen became romantically involved before working on GK, and together they took daily walks around Bass Lake in Sierra National Forest and talked about ideas and how Jensen envisioned the series.6


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