Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle


* Part 1: Day of the Tentacle: synopsis and features

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* Part 4: Character sketches by Larry Ahern

* Part 5: Artwork by Peter Chan

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Purple Tentacle, one of Dr. Fred's creations, drinks contaminated water from the Sludge-O-Matic behind Dr. Fred's laboratory. He mutates into an insane being with short arms without hands and intends to take over the world. To prevent that his brother will be killed by Dr. Fred, Green Tentacle asks his friend, Bernard, to help them.

  Artwork Peter Chan
In an effort to stop Purple Tentacle, Dr. Fred sends Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne with the Chron-O-John pods back in time to the day before it happened, in order stop the sludge from spilling into the river.

As Dr. Fred uses a fake diamond over a real one in the time machine, it malfunctions and sends Hoagie 200 years into the past and Laverne 200 years into the future, and Bernard to the present. In the past the Founding Fathers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are writing the USA constitution in a motel of the Edison family. In the future humanity has been enslaved by Purple Tentacle.

Bernard has to raise $2,000,000 to buy a real diamond for the time machine. Because there is no electricity in the past Hoagie must collect household items to build a super-battery with the help of Benjamin Franklin and Red Edison, an ancestor of Dr. Fred. Laverne must infiltrate a secret underground basement and evade capture by the tentacles in order to attach an extension cord to her pod.

Concept art Peter Chan

When the three are reunited in the present, Purple Tentacle hijacks the time machine to take him to the day before it all started. He is followed by Green Tentacle in another pod. In the one pod that is left, the three protagonists pursue the tentacles, though they are told not to do this by Dr. Fred (referring to the movie The Fly). Neglecting his warning results in turning them into a three-headed monster upon arrival.

Purple Tentacle has created versions of himself to prevent their plans. Nevertheless, Bernard and his friends manage to turn off the machine and by doing so they prevent the series of events from happening.

When they return, it appears they aren't a monster at all. The game ends with showing a result of their actions: a tentacle-shaped American flag.

Some features

Unlike the prequel, the protagonists are preselected. The player controls Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne and can switch between them after having solved some puzzles. The friends can send items across time to each other.

By using the nine verbs of the SCUMM interface at the bottom the characters can interact, like picking up things or talking to other people.

An item send to a friend in another time period may have been changed because of the difference between time periods. For instance, some cheap wine aged for 400 years will turn into a bottle of fresh vinegar. Many of the puzzles are based on the time-travel and three-characters concept.

The locations of the game take place in the different versions of Dr. Fred's mansion. The game abounds in colorful locations created by Peter Chan and exotic characters that were sketched by Larry Ahern.

Some puzzles are hard to figure out, but the dialogs include many subtle hints.

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