Dark Seed - Some references
Dark Seed - Some references

"Timothy or Pat, and Klug"

Not only the name of the main character, Mike Dawson, refers to a team member of Cyberdreams. Mike Dawson lives, according to the manual, in an old Victorian house on Ventura Drive, Woodland Hills.

The first office of Cyberdreams was located at 21243 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills.

Moreover, that's the same address where Delbert lives, Mike's neighbor in the game (see his business card).

The store in the game is called "Klug's Food Market". Rolf Klug was the owner of Cyberdreams (so he provided "the food").

The clue on the microfiche card on day 3 is signed by Ryan Ketchum. Pat(rick) Ketchum was the President of Cyberdreams.

However, Pat gets his own signature. The cracked mirror note in the DOS version is signed by Timothy, but in the Amiga CD-32 version it is signed by Pat.

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